A country house on a tree in Sochi is for sale, worth 2 million. He collected it from the car

Apartments in Sochi have always been expensive, but now it seems that prices have risen again. The owner put up for sale a tree house assembled from old boards: the price of this housing is 2 million rubles. The tree with the house is located in Sirius, not the most prestigious area of Sochi.

The author of the ad separately lists all the advantages of the home – including a place for barbecue and quiet neighbors. The owner also claims that communications are connected to the house. This is unlikely, as the photo shows a wooden hut secured to the tree with props and nails.

The owner will not provide any documents for the house, there is only the right to land. Most likely, the cost of 2 million is due more to this – the house can be demolished and something else built in its place.

The ad has been on the site for several days. I wonder if anyone would actually want to buy a tree house.

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