The family of architects saw an abandoned barn, but it turned out to be residential. People decided to help, and in 5 days the house became unrecognizable.

A young couple of Polish architects were traveling through the countryside and saw an abandoned barn at the edge of a forest. At first they did not attach any importance to the building, but after a minute the figure of an old woman appeared on the threshold and people realized that the house was actually residential, it was just in a deplorable state.

Without thinking twice, they decided to help, and after 5 days the house completely changed. An 80-year-old woman named Aniela has lived in the house for more than a decade. Neither gas nor electricity was connected to the house, concrete was visible from under the cracked floorboards. Krzysztof and his wife could not leave Aniela in such conditions, especially since both had professional skills to help.

Funding for the project was raised through social media. The story of Aniela touched many, the required amount was collected quickly. In addition to the hired builders, volunteers also arrived, the rebuilding of the house took only five days.

Workers and volunteers, led by a family of architects, insulated the walls and made a completely new facade. The roof and floor had to be completely replaced. Workers laid tiles and brought furniture. Aniela was moved to a hotel during construction. Returning home, the old woman simply did not recognize her home: Completely strangers did not pass by the destroyed house and decided to help. One act of kindness changed Aniela’s life.


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