The family bought an abandoned house on the edge of the village and in 3 years turned it into the best cottage in the area. Video

The family decided to invest in an abandoned house on the outskirts of a remote village in the Ryazan region, despite the fact that for many such an undertaking may seem like a pure gamble. The house was unremarkable, but the brickwork was well preserved. The family had a clear plan of action, and after 3 years the old frame of the village house became the basis of the most beautiful cottage in the area. The family immediately liked the village.

 The fact is that it is located in a very picturesque place in the valley of the Oka River, not far from the Oka Biosphere Reserve. The nature here is beautiful, and there is little transit transport . In addition, local land is very cheap. The house was accompanied by a plot of 50 acres: an almost unbelievable area compared to the neighboring Moscow region.

The site was gasified and electrified, so there were no problems with infrastructure development. The owner of the house decided from the very beginning to keep a video diary about the reconstruction and talk about the progress of the work. In his first video, he assesses in detail the initial state of the house and describes the general plan for the future: The reconstruction process took more than one year, but pretty soon the old house became unrecognizable. The primary frame can be identified only by the corners of the building and window openings.

As soon as new outlines appeared, it became clear that all the work had been done not in vain. But that was only the beginning. Details were added very soon: Alpine style in decor, a carport and general landscaping of the adjacent area. A small one-story building with four windows has been transformed into a modern two-story cottage with several outbuildings and a garage. It is especially interesting to look at the new building from the inside.

The owners came up with several interesting interior solutions and designed furniture to fit their size and layout: The nearest big city is only 40 kilometers from the site. Definitely, buying an old abandoned house was the right decision.


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