The cat, which had no kittens, began to take care of the squirrel cubs. Cameras were installed and pictures were taken of how the cat takes care of them

To a cat living in the park of miniatures, local caretakers brought tiny squirrels found in the forest. The cat adopted them as her kittens, and people set up a small camera and began to film how events would develop further. Usually, it is not advised to take baby squirrels from the forest; adult squirrels almost always have a chance to find lost offspring. 

In this case, people had no choice: the rangers brought baby squirrels, which someone had left in the undergrowth. Most likely, they tried to breed squirrels for entertainment at home, but the task seemed too difficult for the man and he took the kids to the forest.  They definitely needed to be allowed to grow, so the caretakers decided to give them to a cat that recently had kittens. She easily accepted the squirrels and began to raise them on a par with kittens.

 The camera installed by the box of animals constantly films their behavior: In a few months, the squirrels will grow up. Then they will simply be taken to the wild.



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