Residents of the district noticed that things were disappearing from their houses, and a month later they realized that the cat was the cause of the loss.

In one of the areas of the Australian Christchurch, things began to disappear at night. The residents knew each other well, but in this situation, many suspected their own neighbors. It took a whole month to solve the mystery of the disappearance of things: a cat got into the surveillance cameras, which looked into the houses every night and carried away various objects. The owners of the pet were quickly found. As it turned out, the five-year-old Keith is not the first time he trades like this, and in another city he did exactly the same.

A black cat enters neighboring houses through windows or pet doors. He randomly chooses things and then takes them to his house. A whale can bring up to six items in one night. Some do not fit in his door to enter the house and he throws them right on the street. Shirts, shoes, one day he brought in parts of a children’s designer.

Maybe Keith has some kind of plan, but he does not dedicate us to it, ”complained to journalists the owner of the cat Robert Kirby. The locals are already accustomed to the cat’s unusual hobby. At least they always know where to look for the missing thing.


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