An American lived in a car for a whole year and instead of sitting in one city, she traveled around the country and took pictures.

Some time ago, Kat Karney went on a trip by car. Initially, she planned to live in different cities. It quickly occurred to her that this was not necessary. The easy-going girl began to travel all over the country. The short trip lasted for a whole year: Kat constantly takes pictures of what is happening around her and has already managed to take hundreds of pictures from Alaska to the Hawaiian Islands.

Kat used to play volleyball professionally in Spain, but then moved to the US and started working as a photographer. Her talents were in demand. Kat collaborated with many major magazines and traveled to sell her work to them. Kat chose a comfortable 2002 Chevy Suburban for the trip. She tried not to stay in one place for more than a few days, making an exception for especially interesting moments – conquering rocks, or surfing on the coast.

For some time the traveler was accompanied by a friend. Craig made it to the East Coast with Kat, but here he was offered a good job. The man preferred to stay, Kat decided that she was not yet ready to stop in one place and moved on alone. The fleet of vehicles has grown along with her skill. Kat then settled on two permanent cameras, Canon 5d Mark II and Canon 6d – the second she uses most often, it is more convenient. Each time Kat selects lenses for a specific shooting. For a year, the girl tried almost all types of extreme sports, from rafting on mountain rivers to mountaineering and hiking in the desert. Kat’s photos became more and more popular, and British Airways, Hyundai, Thermarest, Outdoor Research and other large companies began to cooperate with her.

Even a short film was made about Kat’s adventures:

Kat’s journey continues. Judging by her Instagram account, now the girl is already in Alaska.


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