The workers were dismantling the old house and saw that a hundred-year-old chest was hidden under the floor. They decided to open it on camera

The house on the outskirts of the village stood abandoned for decades. It was finally decided to restore after the purchase and the new owner hired workers to dismantle the floor. The owner left the site, and the builders found a hidden ancient chest under the first floorboards. After conferring, they decided to open it on camera and take a picture of what is inside.

The chest was clearly at least 100 years old. It was probably not hidden by the previous owners of the house, since no repairs were carried out here. The box was taken out with a winch and cables, it turned out to be too heavy. The castle rusted so much that it had to be cut down by a grinder. Then they sawed off the hinges, which simply refused to open. Under the lid, instead of old trash, the builders saw neatly folded silver ingots. Naturally, the owner was called to the place, he called the appraiser.

Мужчина нашел сундук в заброшенном доме, а когда открыл понял, что больше  не будет работать

The find was estimated at 15 million rubles purely by weight. Most likely, the owner will get more for the treasure, since the ingots are of historical value. Finding a treasure of silver is a fortune that not everyone gets. The owner of the house at least paid for the purchase.


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