The family bought several concrete pipes for the heating main and turned them into the best dacha in the area in 4 months. Video

A married couple invested in some ordinary concrete pipes for a heating main. However, they were not used for their intended purpose, but they came up with a more creative application. In four months, the family turned concrete pipes into the best dacha in the district and recorded the entire process of amazing transformation on video.

 It is worth noting that the family was inspired by the project of an architect from Hong Kong, James Low, to the idea for an unusual dacha. He suggested using concrete pipes as apartments for modular homes: according to Low’s idea, such structures can be conveniently placed almost anywhere. The architect’s apartments are designed for one or two people, they are immediately equipped with communications, a pre-installed kitchen and other necessary elements right from the factory.

In the assembly, Lowe’s apartment looks like this:
These are already structural features, from which the family repelled when thinking through their own project: But since they were still building a dacha, they decided to abandon unnecessary complications. They took as a basis a pipe of the same diameter as Low’s, 2.5 meters. Communications were left minimal, because much is not required in the country. 

On both sides, the pipe section was limited by wooden ceilings. The family wanted to have a lot of light in a small cozy house. Therefore, glass panels are also integrated here on both sides. Inside, all the wiring was hidden in the walls, and an air conditioner was installed outside so that the summer heat would not interfere with rest. Particular attention is paid to interior decoration. The house is small, but very cozy and comfortable. 

And finally, the house was mounted on the parking lot. Since only a section of the pipe was used, the cottage can be moved to another place. True, for this you will have to order a crane. Here is how the transformation of the pipe into a real cottage took place: Unusual dacha quickly attracted the attention of neighbors. Now the family is thinking about whether to take an order for the next dacha already for sale for money.



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