People saw how an owl flies underground and decided to find out why the bird needed a hole

Workers on the prairie saw an owl that did not sit on a tree, but flew right into the ground. This behavior is extremely atypical for birds, and so people decided to follow the owl the next day and find out what she might need in her hole. Outwardly, the birds hiding underground were somewhat different from ordinary owls: they are longer-legged, their bodies are elongated. 

In addition, owls were seen every day during the day, which is not typical for this bird species. Owls avoided only the midday heat, but in general they woke up early and immediately went in search of food. Observers also noticed an unusual tendency to flock: several birds lived in one hole underground. 

A naturalist who arrived later to observe the strangeness of the unusual behavior of owls helped to unravel the strangeness of the unusual behavior of owls. He consulted the catalog and realized that rare burrowing owls caught the eye of people. These owls are for the non-specialist and indeed have a strange behavior. They choose burrows left by rodents for housing and sleep at night, which is completely atypical for owls: In fact, it is quite difficult to see a rabbit owl. People are just lucky to catch birds climbing underground.



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