Palace on wheels: a full-fledged house for 9 people was made from a truck

The man, who wished to remain anonymous, ordered a real palace on wheels from the custom bureau. At his request, the technicians hid the palace in the back of a small truck: we look inside a dwelling for 9 people with a private bathroom and an entertainment center.

A large motor home was built on the basis of the all-wheel drive MAN TGS 6X6. The residential module was prepared separately. It is assembled from four-layer sandwich panels consisting of plastic, insulation and metal. The power and facing corners are reinforced, the fasteners were assembled from stainless steel – the owner can be sure of the reliability of the body. Half of the roof is occupied by solar panels. In sunny weather, they store energy, but in cloudy weather, the owner can switch to batteries.

A winch and optics are mounted on the cab, so powerful that it is simply impossible to turn it on on public roads. Beyond the threshold it seems that he got into a real apartment. Huge kitchen with fridge, freezer, stove. Then a guest area with a sofa that transforms into a bed. Separate room with TV, set-top box and even karaoke. Of course, the guest bedroom: Building a house like this is not cheap. On the other hand, it is complete freedom of movement.


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