Japanese palace bus. The trip here takes place in a real coupe:

The Japanese have always been distinguished by their desire for comfort, but with bus travel, they seem to have managed to simply reach a qualitatively new level. A local resident filmed his trip on a Japanese palace bus from the inside: it is clear in the video that the man got a real compartment. Long journeys on trains and buses are a kind of adventure for many Japanese. 

Therefore, the authorities make public transport so comfortable, it helps to develop domestic tourism. The man for his video decided to leave Hakata Station on the famous modern Hakata Express. And he specially bought a premium seat he did not yet know what was waiting for him inside. The cost of a trip from Hakata to Tokyo (overnight journey) is $170. Not cheap, but the carrier offers a very high level of comfort. For this money, the man received a completely separate compartment, separated from the common space by a door. Inside there is a comfortable reclining chair.  A TV is mounted on the wall, there are sockets and a retractable table: By the way, we have already written in more detail about traveling by Japanese trains. Here, all passengers have to sleep on the same shelf. A trip on the Japanese palace train is like a real adventure. This experience is definitely worth the money.



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