A flying palace with its own balcony: inside a special Airbus, which has already been called the “heavenly superyacht”

Lufthansa’s subsidiary, Lufthansa Technik, has unveiled a luxury airliner that has already been dubbed the “Superyacht of Heaven”. Conceptually, the Explorer actually looks more like a ship: based on the passenger Airbus A330, a five-star hotel-style cabin with a virtual glass ceiling was created, and a retractable balcony terrace is provided in the bow.

The wide-body Airbus A330, 60 meters long, can carry 250 passengers in its standard configuration.

The Lufthansa Technik specialists needed room to maneuver and they got it: after the alteration, the cabin is intended for only 8 VIP passengers, which made it possible to give most of it to entertainment elements. Aboard a flying yacht, there are huge (for an airplane) interior spaces, several lounge areas, cabins for owners and guests, and even its own gym. In addition, a retractable veranda is installed in the front of the fuselage.

The site is located at a height of 4 meters and can become a very picturesque vacation spot, depending on the base airfield. When the first aircraft of this modification will take to the skies is not yet known. The company is waiting for the first customers.


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