The woman noticed a light under the ground and heard voices. She decided to go inside and he found out everything

For the third month now, Dennis spent all his free time in the backyard. The man tried not to let anyone in here and refused to tell what he was doing. The intrigued and already rather worried wife nevertheless decided to check: she came to the backyard late in the evening and saw that a muffled light was coming right out of the ground and voices were heard. Anastasia married Dennis four years ago. The man ran his own business, the family built a house together, and Dennis insisted that the backyard be large and not built up with any sheds.

The first three years we lived like in a fairy tale. Dennis made good money, travel and vacations were familiar. Then everything changed in one moment. In the end, the woman’s patience just ran out. By that time, Dennis was spending all his free time in the backyard, he also built a small fence and directly forbade Anastasia to follow him. Waiting for the next evening, Anastasia took the lantern and nevertheless went to the backyard, but did not see Dennis anywhere. But she heard unintelligible voices, and then scattered light breaking through the ground. I got closer and just couldn’t believe my eyes. In the corner of the yard there was a mound with a door, the hatch was ajar and light was visible. I heard voices, but it is not clear whose.

I went down a few steps and loudly called my husband,” recalls Anastasia. A minute later, Dennis appeared in front of Anastasia with tools in his hands. At first, the man was very unhappy, but when he saw his wife’s concern, he decided to dispel her doubts and tell what was happening. As it turns out, about a year ago Dennis started building a real underground bunker in his backyard, just in case. Over time, construction turned into a hobby, he did not say anything to his wife.

The light that Anastasia saw came from the lamps already installed in the walls of the bunker, and the voices turned out to be a radio broadcast that Dennis listened to while working. After talking to his wife, Dennis agreed that the bunker didn’t have to be so well hidden.

The man even recorded a video about the construction of the shelter: Dennis continues to work on the interior of the bunker to this day. True, now the man has converted the shelter into a personal rest home, with a set-top box and a plasma TV on the wall.


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