The bride’s friend came to attend the wedding in the bride’s dress. The bride did not allow her to stay and participate in the wedding

The 28-year-old bride invited her best friend to the wedding. Preparations for the ceremony went according to plan, but on the day of the celebration, a friend suddenly appeared in a wedding dress, took the bride aside and demanded to talk. Liz Antin hosted a small wedding for 20 people. The bridesmaid was to be her old high school friend, Andy.

A few days before the wedding, Andy called and announced that she was preparing a surprise for me. I wish I knew what it was about,” Liz later said. At the appointed hour, the guests gathered to celebrate a memorable event. Everything took place outside the city, in a small mansion. Andy was supposed to be a bridesmaid, but showed up minutes before the ceremony started, dressed in a lace wedding dress and veil. Exactly the same as the bride.

Naturally, Andy’s escapade confused many guests. The woman approached the bride, took her aside and stated that she considered herself the best couple for the groom and therefore Liz should leave. As it turned out later, Andy did see a man several times behind her friend’s back. However, he behaved quite correctly and directly told her that he would marry Liz, as planned.

The man did not tell the bride about the conversation. After learning about the conversations with her fiancé, Liz did not go into further details. Communication with an old friend Liz completely stopped. For a long time she could not believe that a person, in principle, could behave so selfishly.

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