A group of hikers have found a castle that has been abandoned for a long time. They filmed the inside and showed what was inside

People were walking almost in the center of Moscow and suddenly found an abandoned castle-palace. The cost of houses in this area goes for ten million rubles, but a huge building with a plot of land is abandoned: passers-by, intrigued by the situation, decided to turn on the camera and film what is hidden in an abandoned palace.

Around the plots there are houses of elite buildings, from here it takes only 20 minutes to drive to the Kremlin – if, of course, the road is free. However, the author of the project of the house clearly did not want to show it to outsiders. It is at this point of the Karamyshevskaya embankment that the coast is steep and high, the mansion stands almost at the very water, the lowland is covered by tall trees.

Apparently, the permission to build the castle cost the owner almost more than the construction itself. It is logical to assume that with the advent of the new mayor, such permits were massively withdrawn – the owner of the mansion may not even be allowed to move in, but the building was not demolished either. Passers-by who were interested in the situation checked the address of the house on the net and found interesting information.

The decision to demolish the mansion was made back in 2013, why it is still standing is unknown. It turned out that a whole village of similar “castles” was to appear here, and the average cost of each exceeded a million dollars. People managed to get inside without unnecessary difficulties, no one guards the territory.


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