The new owner of the house found an old suitcase during renovations, which he opened in front of the cameras

We all love surprises, and there is no one who can say that he would not be surprised to find a suitcase with millions of dollars in it. Today, as we see, we come across many stories when people unexpectedly find precious things or money. People mostly preferred to keep their valuables at home rather than in banks.

That’s why many houses appear today with secret rooms or closets, where the treasures are found. A hidden suitcase was waiting in the wings under the 70-year-old ceiling. The new owner of the house found it by accident when he started to repair and open the ceiling. The renovation was a forced measure.

At first, the man did not want to make repairs at all, but the old house needed repairs. Things were moving slowly as the amount of materials appeared. After six months of work, it was the turn of the second floor ceilings. The man opened the ceiling and suddenly saw a corner of the suitcase. He has been waiting in the wings for years.

They opened the suitcase without difficulty. Inside was a newspaper from 1951 and three strange bundles. Opening them, the man found the banknotes. In total, there were about 700,000 dollars in the suitcase, and all of them were liquid, despite their age. So the renovation paid off.




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