The guy did not see the bride from childhood for 16 years. For a joke, he posted a photo from the past, and people took it and found it.

Student Jack Callow, as a joke, published archival photographs from a children’s theatrical wedding online. He was the groom and had not seen the bride for 16 years. People quickly came to the comments and three days later they found the same girl.

In the old picture, children dressed as newlyweds pose for the cameras. In the description, Jack joked that he had not seen his chosen one for 16 years and did not seem to be a good husband. The student’s post went famous in a few days, gaining 350,000 likes.

The guy was interviewed by BuzzFeed employees, and then ordinary people joined the case. In 2 days they managed to find a girl on the net whom the author of the story had not seen since childhood.

Jack’s fiancee was 21-year-old student Rena Utla. And she grew up to be a real beauty: Young people are planning a meeting. Perhaps now we will talk about a real wedding.

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