The family bought a bus and made an apartment on wheels out of it: there is a kitchen, a hall, a shower and a bedroom.

The couple did not have enough money for an apartment. After conferring, they decided to spend their savings on an old school bus and convert it into housing. This step was criticized by both family and relatives, but in the end the bus turned out to be a real palace on wheels. Inside there is everything: a hall, a kitchen, a shower and a separate bedroom.  The couple chose a really old bus. Its hull was badly rusted, but in general, the restoration work was much cheaper than other options. On the mechanical side, everything was in order, the seller for the sake of the deal agreed to supply an almost new engine at his own expense. 

The bulk of the work was waiting for the couple inside. Everything had to be removed, from the seats to the floor covering. But this made it possible to expand the space: a separate bedroom was equipped in the back, the bus body was visually divided into a living room and a kitchen. There was also a place for a separate shower with a full bathroom. The very first trip in the updated bus convinced the couple of the fidelity of the act. 

Both worked remotely and now could move at least every day from one city to another: The family revealed the process of remaking the bus in a short interview: As a result, the purchase of the bus and its alteration still cost the couple cheaper than the apartment.



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