Kitchen, bathroom, all in one place. This is how the residents of this city live in 2 square meter apartments

Hong Kong is considered one of the most expensive cities in the world, which affects the cost of real estate. About half a million residents of this metropolis manage to live in apartments with an area of ​​2-3 square meters: we look at the video how a bedroom, kitchen and hall fit in such a space – at first glance, a closet is no larger than a standard bathroom.

The cost per square meter in an old Hong Kong house starts at $25,000. The primary housing stock is about one and a half times more expensive. Apartment in the center – from 180 thousand dollars per square. In 2022, the metropolitan area’s population exceeded 7.65 million. Housing is sorely lacking, which means that prices are only rising.

In such a situation, real estate owners who have long learned how to turn one apartment of 40 meters into a dozen small rooms benefit from it. Tenants have to equip the life themselves. Apartments with high ceilings are considered the best even with such a footage, because you can make a “second level” and put a bed on it.

You can forget about hygiene in these conditions; a bathroom is often mounted right in the kitchen. Despite all the difficulties with housing, Hong Kong remains the center of attraction for thousands of people. Each of them hopes sooner or later to change his life for the better.


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