Archaeologists have restored a 19th-century statue and found a mysterious box inside. Unboxing shown on camera

During the restoration of the statue of 1887, archaeologists suddenly noticed a mysterious box hidden in its base. The discovery could have historical significance, so its unpacking and contents immediately began to be filmed and shown to the camera. The container was hidden under the pedestal.

When it was discovered, specialized specialists were immediately called to the place, the group was led by archaeologist Kate Ridgway. Initially, experts doubted that something could have been preserved inside the box – it was constantly under the influence of moisture.  The box was opened under the control of the museum staff. To their surprise, the box perfectly preserved the things hidden in it. Many artefacts from the 19th century have been found.

The package of sealed documents aroused the greatest interest. Water seeped right into them. It will take historians months to restore records that are almost 130 years old: Historians are not yet going to publish the found documents. Perhaps this is information that is too sensitive for society․



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