A Siberian found a fallen tree and made a house out of it. There is even an oven inside

The Siberian left for the taiga almost without supplies. The man thought to spend a maximum day in the forest, but the evening found him deep in the thicket. Since there was no tent with him, the Siberian simply found a fallen tree and made a cozy house out of it. He filmed the whole process on video the most amazing thing is that in a completely wooden shelter there is not only a bed, but also a fireplace stove.


For the construction of the house, the Siberian chose a point in the lowland. In this way, he saved time and effort: in fact, the man had to assemble the frame of the walls and lay the roof in order to get the foundation of the whole house. But the shelter must be reliable.

 Therefore, the Siberian assembled a separate entrance group of large and thick logs. He folded them together and fastened them so that the tree protected the inside of the house from snow and cold wind. The man covered the roof and entrance with turf. 

This extra layer of protection will protect you even more from the wind. Gradually, the temporary shelter became completely stationary. In the video, the construction process looks like a real miracle: In theory, anyone could build such a shelter. The Siberian did not use any complex architectural solutions.


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