A man fed a family of crows for 4 years. The birds grew up and flew away, and then returned to thank with a gift

4 years ago, black crows built a nest near Stewart’s house. The man loved birds and fed them constantly, several times he planted chicks that had fallen out of the nest. Then the birds grew up and flew away, but then returned. They thanked the man with a strange but interesting gift. The crow’s nest was built on a fir tree right next to the windows of the house of Stuart Dahlquist and his family. The birds were fed with cat food and the crows quickly got used to people – sometimes they specially flew in and knocked on the window, asking for food.

The next spring, the new chicks fledged and flew away, then the older birds also took off. Stuart thought they would never return. However, three days later I found a strange craft at my door: fir branches with rings from cans put on them.

The twigs appeared the next day, but Stuart had already noticed from the window that the crows had brought them. Thus, smart birds thanked the person for food and care: The older birds returned to the same fir again. Most likely, they will remain in a convenient place forever.


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