The owner of the house noticed that honey was dripping from the ceiling. He removed the ceiling panel and saw that a million bees lived above the room.

One evening the owner of the house saw a small stain on the ceiling. He ran his finger over it and realized that real honey was beginning to show through the paint. The man was smart enough to put on protective overalls before removing the ceiling panel: the bees had set up a real hive behind the ceiling.

Later, Hugh said that he often noticed bees around the house. There were several hives nearby, so the man did not attach much importance to insects. But that evening, the man saw the stain and already saw the streaks on the chandelier. There was also a muffled hum from the ceiling. Hugh decided to remove the panel himself, only before that he asked the neighbors for a protective suit. 

As it turned out, not in vain. Behind the ceiling panel, the bees made a large hive. And they produced honey in huge quantities: Specialists had to transport insects. Damaged ceilings have been replaced.



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