The man often disappeared into the forest, building a secret house there. Here, inside the house.

Sometimes, from the noise of the city, we all want to go to a place where we can relax completely. In such places it is possible to think about life for a long time, breathe fresh air and relax.

We present to you a beautiful story when a man isolated himself in the forest and built a house for himself. This man went to the forest every day and built a secret house there. One day the man left and did not return. His friends decided to look for the man. Understand where he is. The man’s friends have found a beautiful dungeon in the forest.

They walked in and saw that it was quite comfortable. There are all the necessary living conditions inside the house. To build a dungeon, he searched and found a comfortable space, where there was a tree and a hill under the tree. He decided to build his house there. It would be easier to build there.

The man did not spend any money to build the house. He used what he found in the forest, wood and wood chips. A stove has been built in the house. He did a pretty serious job building the chimney. When the man decided to spend the night in his apartment, he encountered some uninvited guests. The friends found out that everything was fine with the boy. He plans to make the forest house his permanent residence.

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