The sisters celebrated their birthday and proved that age has nothing to do with looking young

We are sure that there are many people around you who are elderly, but when you communicate with them, you realize that they are young at heart. And there are many who prove that age is nothing for them.
It is a dream for every person to be a grandparent, to have grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and believe me, celebrating another birthday surrounded by them is just happiness.

This grandmother’s name is Helen, she has 79 grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Grandma was one of the lucky ones who at the age of 103 participated in the 80th birthday of her twins. She was a very kind and contented woman. Helen seemed to enjoy the results of her upbringing. Mrs. Helen prayed to God before the celebration, expressed her satisfaction, then joined the guests and sang “Happy Birthday” with them․

 David Mosher and Winnie Mosher Merrill were also happy to see their mom by their side on the big day. Their mom had them at 23. They made their time unforgettable. Mrs. Helen spent the best day of her life and celebrated the best birth of her children.

 She was happy and content. God gave him what he asked forIt is important to feel happy and satisfied in our life. We are made happy by the presence of our loved ones, seeing them happy and every second spent with them. Relationships, devotion, mutual respect, mutual understanding and a number of other phenomena that make us happy are valued in human life. And this story is a vivid proof that a person does not need so much to be happy.



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