UK crew do amazing underwater dance to ‘We Will Rock You’

You might think of long-distance running, when athletes run for miles and miles, ending up with lots of blisters and chafing. But one sport that you probably haven’t thought about is probably synchronized swimming. In it, the athletes wear bright suits, sometimes with a lot of makeup. The pros dance gracefully in a pool, making it look so easy. But think about the last time you were in a pool. What happiness… really? Think about the resistance of the water, and how difficult it is to hold your breath for more than a few seconds. Are you reconsidering adding synchronized swimming to your list of strenuous sports?

I would put her on that list right up there with ballet, gymnastics, and ice skating. When this team from the UK gets into the pool, we already knew it was going to be a good show just because of the suits they’re wearing. But when the music starts, I couldn’t look away! Best of all is how much fun they are having.


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