Father and daughter sang a song in the car and received a beautiful video

Now I am a person who likes to give it my all when I hear a song I like on the radio and I don’t care if someone listens to me. And from what I’ve seen in this video, this father and his daughter feel the same way. And they are taking it to the next level! Cole LaBrant often posts funny videos on his YouTube channel and has become something of an internet star because of it.

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In this video, he has invited his stepdaughter, Everleigh, for a drive and something else. This father and daughter duo put on an amazing show that is sure to brighten your day and your heart. For every song that played on the radio, Cole and Everleigh performed a series of hilarious dance moves and facial expressions.

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These two have a very successful outfit for each song, as well as a choreography according to the music. Although the video doesn’t last long, you can see some of the funniest performances, with a wide variety of music genres.

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We’re not surprised that millions of people have seen his antics, but truly, we’re glad we did. Please, don’t miss the following video and see with your own eyes the talent of this couple to make us laugh!


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