A father goes famous when he catches his baby “talking” to his dog and manages to capture them live

We believe that there is no lovelier duo than when a dog and a baby come together, and the video that we bring you today is proof of this. Surely you have seen what happens when babies get together for the first time with their adorable friends. In addition, they also protect them with their lives and we have images that prove it. But today’s video will leave you speechless. Babies this age still don’t know how to talk, of course, but they do babble and say single words that normally don’t make sense. The dogs for their part bark and speak in their language, and they understand each other. But what happens when a baby and her best friend get together? What you are going to see in this video you have never seen before.

It’s very strange, but you have to watch this pup named Wicket have a deep conversation with baby Sophie. Sophie’s parents think it’s a natural dog sound, and after seeing how the two interact, I have to agree. Baby Sophie crawls across the carpet to her friend, as she has a lot to say to him. The best part of all? When Wicket answers him! Her back and forth banter is priceless and precious. Check it out for yourself! Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family!




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