This dog spends hours every day looking into the drain and seems to see more than anyone else

We all know about the loyalty of dogs and have heard many stories about their exploits. Dogs can be so devoted to their master that they will not even spare their lives for their master. Have you heard that animals and especially dogs can see things that even humans can’t see? It is one of their unique features.

Today we will present you a beautiful story that no one could discover. Read this story and give your opinion in the comment section. A dog appeared in Turkey, which attracted the attention of passers-by. Every day the dog goes to this drainage hole, lies down and watches what is happening beyond the irons.

The dog attracted the attention of the passers-by so much that they decided to see what was in that hole. The four-legged resident has become one of the most discussed topics in recent days. The merchants operating in the area nicknamed the dog Mazgal, which means “to dry” in Russian, News Turk reports.

This topic was discussed so much that rescuers arrived and lowered the cages to see what was in there. After a long examination, the specialists could not find out what was in the area. Many believe that the dog’s actions are the result of a previous incident in this area.

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