He loves to sing and dance so much that he created his own group at a young age. We present to you the beautiful dance of African children.

There are people who cannot imagine their life without dance and music. There are people who were born just to dance. As soon as they hear the music, their body begins to move involuntarily. Today we will talk about an African child for whom dance is very important and he has a beautiful talent for dancing.

His name is Eddie Kenzo. He is from Uganda. The child is alone, he has neither mother nor father. When he was 4 years old, his mother left, and he never knew his father. Being alone, he decided to look for and find his father. For him, dance is the only joy in life. He was lucky and he found his father when he was only 13 years old. With the help of his father, the child received an education.

He is so talented that he gradually started collaborating with artists. Over time, the boy created his own group. There were children who not only danced well, but also loved to sing and dance. The group was called Masaka Kids Africana. Singing and dancing are an integral part of our life. Sometimes it is impossible to imagine our life without singing and dancing. We present to you the video of the baby, which won many hearts. Did you like it? If yes, then share this article with your friends.


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