A 54-year-old millionaire shows off his millionaire daughter

Becoming parents is a great joy. Life without babies is almost impossible to imagine. Babies fill our lives with joy. A few days ago, the famous entrepreneur and blogger D. Vakchi published a new photo with the heiress on Instagram. The shot delighted her fans who were in awe of such a gorgeous photo.

There, Gianluca hugs the baby and smiles happily. It seems that the famous father managed to make his daughter laugh, who is also smiling in his arms. In the second shot, the famous father held his daughter’s hand and arm in the window, which impressed the visitor. In the inscription under the post, the man stated that “life is theft”.

I love you girl,” Vacchi wrote at the bottom of the post. The blogger’s followers were moved by the touching photo, and the photo was captioned with many kind words for the star father and daughter. What do you think of this adorable father and daughter photo?

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