4 boys succeed at the prom with everything they prepared for the performance.

The years we spend in high school are very formative, filled with many cultural touches and nothing more than prom. For a group of students, prom night was something they’ll never forget, but not for the reasons you might think. Four teenage boys dressed in brown pants, white shirts and matching suspenders starred in a now-famous video on their prom night. They weren’t making a fashion statement though, rather they were there to perform in front of their classmates.

They start dancing to the familiar opening notes of the classic Ben E. King song, “Stand by Me.” However, after just a minute of dancing to that song, the music changed without warning to Chubby Checker’s iconic “Let’s Twist Again.” Few knew that the show had just begun. This routine is titled “New Dance Evolution,” which should sound familiar to you. The original “Dance Evolution” was one of the first famous videos on YouTube. Dancer Jason Laipply uploaded a video of his performance from 2001 in which he performed dance styles from various eras spanning the last 50 years of pop culture.

This video has inspired hundreds of parodies and similar videos since then. It obviously inspired these guys as well, as they decided to update that video with their own unique twist. These kids embrace the dance crazes of the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s and more. It takes a lot of guts to pull off this kind of performance on prom night in front of the whole class, but one look at the smiles on their faces tells you all you need to know about how much fun they had doing it. The six-plus minute long performance features these kids jumping, spinning and dancing all over the stage. Don’t miss the next graduation video and post your impressions in the comments section!


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