“10 years ago, modeling agencies couldn’t share her”: how the Barbie girl looks today

Many people know Ella Brown, who became a popular model when she was two years old. Her parents used to say she looked like a doll. So, when she was only two years old, they sent photos to various modeling agencies. The agent who woke up the parents provided a bizarre photo of the baby girl as a Barbie doll.

The photos quickly spread across the internet and sparked a record reaction in many countries. Many people weren’t sure it was a real girl and not a doll. Since then, everyone knows her. There are many fans who cannot leave her alone. It’s unclear if Ella herself was aware of this at the time, but it’s clear that her childhood was stolen from her as she spent her time making movies.

However, over the years, her appearance changed and she no longer looked like a doll. Interest in this young model therefore disappeared as soon as it appeared. At 11, Ella looks like a girl her own age. She is not sad to have to say goodbye to her modeling career, but she uploaded a commemorative photo on her social network.

Many people blamed the girl’s parents, but one can understand how they feel. Now their daughter is an adult and can decide for herself what she wants to do and be in the future.

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