The little boy started dancing to the famous song and became famous for his dancing

“Thriller” is one of the best-known songs of the last century and was performed by the famous American singer Michael Jackson. After this brief introduction, I’m sure you know what song we’re talking about. And I bet that more than once you have tried to imitate the difficult choreography of the original video clip. But you are not the only one. The protagonist of this story also does it, and I have to affirm that it is one of the best choreographies I have seen and that you can see for yourself in the following video that we leave below.

This talented young dancer’s name is William Ryan and he taught himself every step. With the help of his mum, Gemma, they brought the music for the occasion and the rest is history! As you can see in the video, the boy nails every move and even gets some of the people on the beach to love him. unite. Is very good! He could be watching his dance all day! 

The talent of this boy and the energy he has to not stop dancing is incredible. If he keeps up this pace, I’m sure that in a few years he will go far in show business, and we hope to see him soon in the future!


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