Funny video with the participation of a child and a dog. This video provides a good mood

There’s nothing better than hearing an adorable baby in the middle of a fit of giggles – but in this case, it’s the little boy in this video who had us (and his mom) cracking up for a number of hilarious reasons. The key to this funny video is to observe the reaction of this family’s dog. They were all sitting together on the sofa while the mother was recording her baby. The dog was lying comfortably next to him on the sofa, and the boy starts doing something not too nice next to him. It seems he couldn’t take it anymore and pooped himself.

Since as they say. “When you feel the call of nature you can never say no” And it seems that this baby took it to the letter. Babies at this age seem to be programmed to only eat and poop, and sometimes (if you’re lucky) they may even allow you some quiet, relaxing time while they take a sweet nap in between the activities we’ve just covered. to mention. But it seems that this poor dog and the look on his face after what his little friend did reminds us that even the most common things of our day to day can result in a moment that brings us a gigantic smile. Although perhaps for him the situation was not so funny.


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