A group of 80 girls danced a unique and beautiful dance very evenly

Any of the moves this show includes is visually stunning. Kicks must be firm and precise. Toes should be together, legs straight, and back upright. Girls are usually in excellent shape, considering how strenuous it is to compete in a high kick routine. The state of Texas has a reputation for incredible kicking routines emerging from high school and college teams.

 In Southlake, Texas, the Carroll High School Emerald Belles choreographed an impressive kick routine that left the audience cheering. They performed this routine at a regional high school dance competition to the song “Sweet Dreams”. This slightly mysterious remix sets this team apart from the rest. His choreography was impeccable. The routine began with the members of the dance team at various levels, ready to give it their all. They then moved into their series of kicks and the impressive routine changed course.

Part of his movements included a very good leg extension. As the performance progressed, they managed to create incredible visual effects, all in perfect harmony. As soon as you see the way they acted, you can realize the magnificent work behind such a performance.

 What do you think of this peculiar choreography? Would you like to try it?


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