The dog, which was found in the forest and taken out, is now looking for a new home for the dog.

Today, it seems that there are more and more dogs that need help. Hank was only eight months old when the Good Samaritan found him in the woods, but he was nothing like a puppy. Instead of the young man’s excitement running through the forest, the dog lay quietly in the old litter, seemingly uninterested in the approaching stranger.

He was surrounded by his old toys and next to him was a bag with food in it, but it was not opened. The dog’s face was as if it was asking for help. The person who found him called the local animal shelter, which immediately sent someone to rescue Hank. Rosa Feder reported that the dog was very calm during the rescue.

The woman said he was “the most beautiful dog she had ever seen. After being rescued, he was taken to a vet.  The foundation then immediately took him in and gave him the treatment he needed. Meanwhile, he enjoys the love and hugs of the veterinary team every day.

Since the Humane and Animal Alliance posted an article about Hank on its Facebook page, there have been many questions about adoption, but according to Mr. Fond, no one has made a decision yet. Fonder said: “It will be a long road for this boy to be fully adopted. But he is safe now and will never be hurt again.”

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