The child weighing 7.2 kg is now 39 years old. This is how he is today

In 1983, a child named Robert was born, whose birth became known throughout the country because he weighed 7.2 kg. He was considered the biggest newborn in the country. Patricia, Robert’s mother, expected that the baby would probably be very large because they had children of similar sizes, but she did not expect this kind of result. 

The boy couldn’t even fit in a regular bed and that all his clothes were too small. Robert was over 152 cm tall at the age of 12. “Finding the right clothes and shoes was the biggest challenge, especially given my sudden height. I needed clothes all the time and it was quite difficult,” she recalls. 

Everyone suggested him to play sports, even though he didn’t want to. They took him to basketball. Although he had other interests. Robert is currently 39 years old, weighs 136 kg, and is over 2 meters tall. 

The man explains that he doesn’t like being the center of attention because there were many jokes about him when he was a child. Over time, he began to dislike the jokes made about him. Ho


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