He is the guy who became the record holder for clapping the most in one minute. Here’s how he does it.

The American youth has set a new record by clapping 1140 times in a minute in a special way. They have clapped so fast that it felt like shaking claps. The Guinness Book of World Records has confirmed this, saying that this is the unusual record for the most applause in one minute. This skill belongs to 20-year-old Dalton Meyer, who started practicing it himself after watching a video of one of the fastest clappers, Kent French. They even clap their hands very fast now. 

It (clapping) is a normal thing for me which I now do unconsciously with ease. I know how to clap and that’s why I didn’t do any special practice for the Guinness Book of World Records,” Dalton said.

Dalton Meyer explained that this technique is a wrist-clapping technique that he specializes in. In this method, the hands are brought together and the fingers are clapped with the force of the wrists, and the fast clappers use this method. It was previously held by a man named Eli Bishop who played 1103 beats in one minute, which Dalton recently broke.


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