The little boy does not understand what is happening because he has always seen his father with a beard.

Just like many other babies, 11-month-old Theo is very fond of playing peek-a-boo with his parents. But one day the laughter turned into a startled face. Michael often plays peek-a-boo with his little son. We see Theo laughing excitedly on the video his mum has recorded as his dad’s eyes peer over a small towel he holds in front of his face. The laughter of the little baby is unmistakable – anyone who has played peek-a-boo with a little baby has heard the contented squeals of excitement when a familiar and beloved face comes into view. That Theo knows who is hiding behind the towel is of little concern, he jumps excitedly while holding on to his playpen. But when Theo’s dad lets the towel fall completely, the little boy just stands there gaping.

The reason? The father has grown a beard, and it is the first time he has seen Theo without a beard. Theo’s mum laughs heartily in the background, and the dad smiles at him. The little boy is puzzled for a long time, before he finally decides to check what this is, and he touches his father’s face to investigate this strange case more closely.

– After about 20 seconds, he realized that it was probably still me, but even then he wasn’t completely convinced, says Theo’s father to the Good News Network, which has also shared the wonderful video. Now the beard is returning to dad’s face, as Theo prefers. Growing in the beard is something the little boy thinks is really fun.


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