The old woman found out at the cash register that she does not have enough money to pay for the goods she bought. They paid for him

We live in a time when young people are criticized for being too selfish, self-centered and not caring about others. Maybe that’s why this story has gone famous in recent days – receiving warm support from people all over the world. It all started when an elderly woman could not pay for her groceries at the grocery store. Sad, and mostly humiliated, she makes her way out of the grocery store. But then the cashier did something that restored our hope in humanity . While Janelle the cashier began packing the groceries for the elderly woman, the customer looked in her purse and pockets for money to pay for what she wanted to buy. But when she saw the bill, she found she just didn’t have enough money to pay.

Embarrassed and humiliated, she prepared to go out. Janelle could have easily taken the groceries and returned them to the place and allowed the older woman to go home without the groceries. But she didn’t. Instead she reached into her pocket and paid the entire bill. A customer standing in line witnessed the exciting spectacle. He immediately took a picture of the young cashier – he felt he had to share her heartwarming gesture with the world. So later that day, he shared the story on Facebook, and it went famous in no time. We think Janelle’s actions definitely deserve recognition. This young lady, who probably doesn’t make too much money, went above and beyond to make a person she didn’t know happy. It shows you that not all young people are selfish and self-centered. Thanks for showing us this Janelle!

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