A street sweeper travels from city to city every day to attend classes and sleeps only 3 hours a day.

For 6 years, Flávio Silva studied law and worked as a street sweeper at the same time. Today he celebrates having finally become a lawyer. We all have dreams and goals that we want to achieve in our lives and when the opportunity presents itself, we must act fast to get closer to our goal. Of course, there is nothing that one cannot achieve if he sets his mind to it and gives his best effort and dedication to achieve it. Flávio Silva is a 39-year-old man, originally from Rio Grande, Brazil who works as a street sweeper in the municipality of Tibau do Sul. His dream was to become a lawyer, so he began to study Law and despite so many adversities he did not never gave up Now, he proudly displays his college degree and his story serves as an inspiration to many. Silva is married and has two beautiful children; that is, that he should support a family. 

That’s why he wanted to improve the chances of him becoming a lawyer a bit; but he also knew that he could not leave his job to dedicate himself completely to study. So, making his best effort, he worked and studied for 6 years. «I became an administrative assistant at Detran, I went to the Municipal Guard of Tangará and I went to the street sweeper of Tibau do Sul. school buses to Natal. And what he needed was this, it was the bus to come to the university”, declared Flávio for G1. Flávio had to get up every day at 5 in the morning and by 6 he was already sweeping the streets of Tibau do Sul. After six hours of working in the sun or the rain, he would finish his shift and run to catch a bus to the city of Natal, where his school was. The school bus ride lasted almost two hours and the man had to make this long trip to be able to take his classes. At the end of the day, the man returned home to rest, but he could only sleep three hours a day. Fortunately, he passed the exam and was accepted into a private university in Natal. His mother helped him pay the tuition for the course and he finally attended his first day of classes. 

Flávio was undoubtedly very excited because he had started his studies but after the first classes he was in for a big surprise. He realized that he was not understanding anything about the subjects and he felt desperate. Then, in a conversation with some of his classmates, they confessed that they were not understanding either, and thus the idea of starting a study group arose. Since the man did not want to miss out on an opportunity like this, he talked to his boss to allow him to start his shift earlier. So, he could arrive before his classes at the school library to study with his friends. This is how Flávio Silva ended up getting up at 5 in the morning and sleeping only 3 hours, for 6 years. But all this effort paid off since on March 31 of this year, the man received the license to practice his profession. Although it was a very hard road, the man did not even think of giving up. From the beginning, he knew it wouldn’t be easy but in the end, all his effort would be worth it. At the moment, he is still working as a street sweeper, but he is already planning to practice law in an office.”If you have your dream, don’t give up. You can be in any profession, but go for it. We have to find a solution but never give up », he concluded.

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