A girl made a wanted poster of her lost chicken with a drawing, she still has hope of finding it.

A four-year-old girl lost her beloved brown hen. She, heartbroken by the loss of her, made a tender drawing in the hope that someone would recognize her. Those who have pets or who have ever had, know that the feeling of losing a pet is desperate. Not knowing if he is okay or even if he has eaten is one of the biggest concerns. In today’s case, we bring you the story of a four-year-old girl who became famous on Facebook after her mother uploaded to her profile that her little girl was looking for her chicken. 

Apparently this animal was very important to her. According to her mother’s publication, little Ana Romina is heartbroken because her beloved “brown hen” was lost and she had no clue where she could have gone. She knew that she had to do something to find it, and since an Amber Alert was not the option, she opted for the most viable alternative: Posting posters. But when she began her task, she realized that she did not have any photos of her beloved hen, so with the ingenuity that we all lack but she has plenty of, she decided to draw it. In some of the posters you could see her pet and her she with the sad face in others we can only see the presumed missing. The drawings with the “Wanted” notice were pasted outside the fence of the family who resides in Yaqui, Sonora. The event quickly became popular on social networks, where more than one of us was moved and empathized with the facts and the little girl. Through the news on social networks, various people found out about her and some of them approached the girl and gave her 3 little birds so that she would not be sad. But to date there is no update on the whereabouts of the missing chicken. The little girl will come to love her little birds, but no one will occupy the special place in her heart of hers “Gallina café”

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