The son of an uneducated woman received a law degree

Not all families have the same opportunities, some have more obstacles than others but despite this, they overcome them and get ahead. One of the biggest challenges today is to achieve an academic degree; both school dropout and illiteracy are serious problems that many countries around the world face. Getting everyone to go to a good school, learning to read, write, values and different teachings that they can only receive in schools is something extremely valuable that not everyone has the luxury of affording. Perhaps, that is why the generation before us had to sacrifice their own education so that another could study.

Doña Severina’s story is worth sharing and not because of something in which she participated directly, but because thanks to her, her son can now say that he is a lawyer. Walter Marihno, 34, was able to achieve all his dreams because of what his mother at the time had to resign. The lady herself is of Brazilian origin and she is illiterate because of the family problems she had when she was little. However, his son never saw it as something negative that his mother could not read or write, on the contrary, he took it as an inspiration and since he was a child, Severina became one of his main role models and a faithful promoter of his dreams. Although he never demanded anything from Walter, only that he focus on his studies, he worked and studied at the same time; he dedicated himself to being a garbage collector, a security guard and even as a bar owner.


After a few years, Walter opted for a private school: “He always wanted the best for me and I was always pursuing a goal, something better,” he commented. Mrs. Severina had five children and she had to raise them alone in the countryside, but only Walter was able to obtain a bachelor’s degree and he did so by getting the highest point in Examination 31 of the Brazilian Bar Association, in Pernambuco.« I told him ‘when you get home you have to study, because if you don’t study like me, you won’t be someone in life’. He who does not study is blind, “said Doña Severina. The dream does not stop there, Walter wants to specialize in tenders and become a federal judge: “When we are determined to achieve something and we have the support of the family, everything flows,” she concluded.

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