She’s 8 years old and already a social media queen, meet Francesa Miranda

Ana Paula Miranda, better known as Francesa Miranda, is an 8-year-old girl, originally from Colombia, who has won the hearts of Spanish-speaking Internet users. At her young age, she managed to achieve fame on social networks. At the age of 5 and with a heart full of enthusiasm, Ana Paula decided that she wanted to make videos on TikTok. She soon gained thousands of followers on various social networks and now her fans call her “The Queen of TikTok”. 

She currently has almost 50 thousand followers on the Chinese video platform, 8.5 million on Facebook and just got her first million on Instagram. Miranda’s talent soon surprised her mother, her entire family and Internet users. It was in 2020 when the little girl debuted on social networks under the name of Francesa Miranda. She asked her mother for help because she wanted to make videos; and although the woman did not know what her daughter was talking about, she decided to support her. 

Something that she started as a way of entertainment, little by little has been transformed into an artistic career. The little girl has already received offers from producer houses to work as an actress; However, her parents consider that she is still too young to enter show business. The reception that the little girl has had is amazing. Neither she nor her mother expected so many positive comments. The scenes deal with very varied topics; most are things that only adults fully understand; that’s why watching the 8-year-old act like a lady is so much fun. Francesa is capable of imitating virtually any individual. She can imitate women and men of any age; there are no obstacles for her and learning a few lines is a piece of cake.


@francesamirandafans♬ sonido original – Francesamirandafans


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