The girl returned home from school and found out that her father had found a job. She was happy and excited.

As parents, we hope to be able to set a good example for our children to learn the value and meaning of effort, because nothing in this life is as easy as many expect. Life puts us through really difficult trials, where sometimes we feel lost along the way, all doors are closed in front of us and as a man, we feel the weight of our family on our shoulders. Parents are often the ones who worry every day about the well-being of the kids in the house, that they can attend their classes with basically everything they need to be successful and prosperous people in the future. Parents encourage their kids to get a good job, but one girl showed , that this role can be changed.

Nowadays, we can find all kinds of content on social media, from really exciting news to heartwarming stories like this one, where the protagonists are a humble father and his little daughter, originally from India. Such was the post of Pooja Avantika, a woman who shared the exact moment her daughter gets so excited to know that her father has found a job. In the clip, the girl is seen wearing a school uniform with her eyes closed. When her father asks her to open them, she is standing in front of him, holding a shirt from Swiggy, a delivery company that works like Rappi, UberEats or Pedidos Ya. The girl could not hide the great emotion and satisfaction she felt towards her father for finding a job, which, although not well paid, is supposed to be a great help to the household, we must all remember that at present;

The economy has been a tough change for many families, and this is necessary for all members who can contribute. When the video was shared on social networks, it only took a few minutes for it to go viral, as hundreds of people were touched not only by the emotions of the little girl, but also by the values that are reflected in the house. Many took the opportunity to congratulate her on the daughter she had. “Today, not all young people are excited by the small or big achievements of their parents, they see and have such an easy life that they don’t learn to value the efforts that we make every day.” “This is very sweet, sir. You have a girl who is in a very good mood.” “How sweet it feels to see the love that exists between a father and a grateful daughter!” These were some of the comments that appeared on social networks.



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