He asks her to marry him in the flea market and makes us believe in love again.

The woman was surprised and excited after the sincere and beautiful request for a hand in the Mexican market. A video of a young man proposing to his girlfriend at a market stall in Mexico has been widely shared on social media. But it was not only the environment that made it so memorable, but the gesture happened in one of the most romantic ways possible. This sparked the jealousy of some users who applauded the couple’s love. “It’s not the place, it’s the person” pointed out some of the users who believed in love again. The Metro Tacubaya page on Facebook shared the video of the tender marriage proposal in the flea market outside said station.

Said clip quickly went viral on the platform and in a short time everyone was talking about the romantic gesture. In it, we can see how, while the girl is shopping at the stall, the guy searches frantically in her pants pocket for her proposal ring and then kneels next to her. The young woman turns around surprised and excited and agrees to marry while her boyfriend grabs the ring and puts it on. In the market, several spectators can be heard applauding the bride and groom as they embrace. The video on the Meta platform has more than a million views, thousands of reactions and comments in which users claimed to believe in love again. And it is that despite the fact that some criticized and mocked the place he chose to propose to her, many pointed out that it had been much more real. “Always a spectator, never a protagonist”, “I am beginning to feel envy”, “he will believe in love again” and “as long as these two continue together I will continue to believe” were some of the comments.

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