A man captured images of a beautiful and unique phenomenon while sailing in the ocean

Most of our planet is made up of water, which is why our seas and oceans are huge. Because of their size, it is difficult to know or study everything that is inside them, from their treasures to the species that live there. Exploring the seas and oceans attracts the attention of many people, but few dare to do it. Dave Anderson is one of the people who made it happen. On one occasion, Captain Anderson took his boat for a ride with the intention of using a flying device and taking incredible pictures.

While flying over the water, he took some pictures which went viral after posting them on the internet, they are really impressive. The surf at Dana Point, California is usually nothing special, but the day Captain Dave Anderson decided to explore, something special happened. It seemed that something was hidden under the sea. Apparently they were dolphins and they looked much more impressive than birds or land animals.

Captain Dave equipped his rig with a GoPro camera that was able to capture a large school of dolphins. Our planet is full of life and beautiful natural landscapes that we cannot explain, but certainly captivate us with their beauty. We are lucky to live on a planet full of natural treasures. All this will not last forever, pollution, climate change, our desire to want more and more is polluting the planet, we have the option to decide to end everything or change everything․ We need to raise awareness so that this world becomes a better place and that the beauty of nature continues to be preserved.

Below is a video of the incredible pictures.

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