This couple has only been married for a few minutes. The woman asked for a divorce after 3 minutes

For many, the most important day of their lives is when they marry the person they love and who loves them back. Once this union is established, the couple vows to be together forever in health and poverty. Their desire is to start a family and be happy forever, a traditional ceremony is held, in which relatives and friends of both are present to hear “if I want”, and this becomes a memorable day. We cannot deny that weddings are always full of moments that remain in the memories of the couple and the guests.

This wedding was not the beginning of a new family, but the end of a relationship, the goal of which was not harmony and happiness. The wedding held in Kuwait became the shortest in history because the bride asked for a divorce 3 minutes after the wedding, and because when they were leaving the ceremony, the girl’s husband started mocking the bride’s friend. A few minutes after all that, the bride asked her husband for a divorce.

The couple’s marriage lasted just 3 minutes, with netizens expressing their solidarity with the bride and applauding her decision to set boundaries of respect before living forever with someone who will always respect her. This is how the present guests and those celebrating the union of the couple watched how everything ended in just 3 minutes. This is definitely something that doesn’t happen very often. There are probably very few couples who have changed their marital status less than ten minutes after getting married. This is undoubtedly a case that has surprised millions of people around the world, but the identity of the couple filmed in it is not known. What do you think of the woman’s reaction? Do you think it was too much? What would you do in his place?

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