They are mother and daughter, although people think they are twins.

Joleen and her daughter Meilani have stirred up social networks with their photos where, despite being 24 years old, they look like twins. Joleen is a 43-year-old primary school teacher, yet she appears to be much younger. She assures that the key to looking like this is to lead a healthy life, eat well, not drink, exercise, get enough rest and take care of your skin daily.

 Joleen started this lifestyle since she was 13 years old, which Obviously it has worked for her to look gorgeous and very young. “I use sunscreen every day, even on cloudy and rainy days. I also use vitamin C day and night.” Joleen seems so young that it is very common for people to confuse her with the twin sister of her own 19-year-old daughter Meilani, with whom she also shares most of her activities. 


They do everything together, travel, exercise, go They shop and talk daily as if they were best friends. We can see her lifestyle on her Instagram accounts where many have come to wonder who is the mother and who is the daughter. Here we leave you some of our favorite photos of these “twins” for you to meet them and try to figure out who is who.


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